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Achieving Cultural Competence: Cultural Competence and the Behavioural Health Practitioner

This interactive training session will focus on understanding the context and role culture plays in the provision of chemical & mental health treatment services, and what the evidence say are promising techniques and methods that can be helpful when providing services to multicultural consumers. The session challenge participants to look introspectively at their own beliefs, values, and behaviors in providing behavioral health services to diverse populations. Self assessment tools include the Cultural Competence Continuum, The Invisible Napsack by Peggy McIntosh, and Ruby Payne’s The Cultural of Poverty Assessment.

Participants will discuss culture and race in the context of chemical/mental health services. We will identify techniques that can improve service delivery to diverse consumer populations. The group will examine and explore personal beliefs, values, and attitudes that impact clinical relationships, as well as identify critical steps to exploit strengths and overcome weaknesses when working with diverse populations. The 2006 Drug Abuse and Racial Minorities SAMHSA manual, and the Florida Mental Health Institute Center for Children and Family Studies Culturally Competent Services manual will frame this training session.

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