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Gender Responsive Probation: Working Effectively with Females in Corrections

This very timely workshop combines up-to-date information with skill-based training to provide probation officers, other corrections professionals, and their supervisors with a solid foundation for working effectively with the female offender population. You will come away with a detailed understanding of the differences between female and male offenders, an update on the latest research on female offender assessment and case planning, and an opportunity to discuss and practice strategies for decreasing common barriers to female offender compliance and success.

Upon completion of Gender Responsive Probation, participants will be able to:

1) Explain recent developments in gender responsive theory and strategies and their implications for day-to-day work with female offenders.

2) Understand female offenders’ unique barriers and pathways to crime.

3) Utilize a gender-responsive approach to assessment tools such as the LSI-R or YLS-CMI.

4) Discuss and utilize specific considerations for making female client referrals.

5) Develop a gender-responsive and dynamic case plan.

6) Articulate how relational theory and trauma theory impact our work with female clients.

7) Gain an awareness of what is happening in Minnesota and nationally around female offender issues.

Faculty: Julie Rud, MS

Julie Rud has spent many years in criminal justice working with female offenders and is well-respected for her expertise in the area of gender responsive issues in corrections. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA in Sociology and completed her masters’ work with a thesis focusing on gender responsive research. Julie is a member of the Minnesota Advisory Task Force on Female Offenders, and has been integral in assisting with national research on gender responsive issues. She currently works in Adult Field Services for Hennepin County Community Corrections.

Price: $175.00