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Motivational Interviewing for the Corrections Professional - II (2 days)

Motivational Interviewing for the Corrections Professional (MICP), Level II is a two-day, skill-based training designed to provide probation officers, case managers, other corrections professionals, and their supervisors with intermediate level instruction and practice in Motivational Interviewing. This highly requested workshop will help you become more proficient and natural at MI by focusing on complex reflections, better understanding change talk and how work with it, practice with timing and testing the waters for commitment/case planning, learning when to step in and out of MI, understanding the dual role of the corrections practitioner, and more!

Pre-requisite: Motivational Interviewing for the Corrections Professional Level I or equivalent (2-3 day MI clinical skills training.

Upon completion of MICP Level II, participants will be able to:

1) Explain recent developments in MI practice and most effective models of learning MI.

2) Articulate an understanding of MI spirit and how it ties in to the dual-role of the corrections professional.

3) Demonstrate an ability to respond to sustain talk in an MI adherent way.

4) Demonstrate the ability to evoke and respond to change talk at various levels of strength.

5) Explain the importance of “commitment’ to the process of change.

6) When appropriate, follow an MI adherent path to the development of a client change plan.

7) Articulate how MI can be used in combination with other approaches and when it should be left behind in favor of other approaches.

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