“It is so refreshing to partake in training that is presented by a true professional. A trainer who has a masterful understanding of the material (without coming across as a know-it-all), utilizes multiple training techniques, and has the capacity to make training fun.”
Jason Anderson – Senior Corrections Agent, Minnesota Department of Corrections

“Wonderful training. Thanks for bringing us together physically and philosophically.”
Supervisor – Arrowhead Regional Corrections

“Sue EckMaahs is an attendee’s dream. She listens to participants and gains commitment through her obvious competence and caring. Sue is the perfect combination of the power of compassion combined with skill.”
Anna Maravelas - Author of “How to Reduce Workplace Conflict and Stress” - President of Therarising, Inc.

“I left with the confidence I can achieve direction in a conversation and obtain my goals.”
Sherry Gauster – Washington County Community Corrections

“Sue EckMaahs did an outstanding job providing training… Her presentation was fun, motivating, and easy to understand, yet challenging… [She] fully understood what we needed and adapted her presentation to our needs. We will certainly use her in the future as other training needs are identified.”
Michael Nash – Supervisor, Arrowhead Regional Corrections

“Ms EckMaahs is one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her commitment to excellence, her care and concern for her training audiences, make her shine as a trainer. She is truly committed to her profession and is highly regarded by professionals in her field.”
Julie Jordan – Trainer/Program Manager, Ramsey County Community Corrections